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Kill The Data. Save Your System.

March 9, 2020

We Are All Failing. It's Time For a New Approach. 

We have been doing this all wrong. For years, decades really. We, collectively, have been approaching the problem all wrong. The cybersecurity market has been in an ever-expanding cycle of investment and growth that has eclipsed nearly any other vertical of a similar size. The entire space has continually exploded in a series of failed efforts to try and secure exponentially less definable infrastructure and systems. Think about it – we have tried everything, EVERYTHING! – and little has made much difference. 

In the past 20 years, organizations have spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to solve the diverse problems that plague cyber-focused organizations, and it has all failed. There is no system or network on the planet that hasn't been compromised or infected: government, banking, high tech, healthcare, retail, you name it – it’s been hacked. Users continue to fail at passwords; and the cloud, virtualization technologies, and digital transformation strategies are only making hacks happen faster – impacting ever larger networks. To be frank, it sucks. 

So, really, think about it for a second – have any of the solutions we’ve thrown at this problem solved the problems we face? Not really.

Cyberspace is still a constant game of outwitting the adversary and hoping that the bad guys don't find an easy way into the network. We have tried to prevent our own users from using the data they need to do their jobs (it's called DLP), only to watch them grit their teeth as they get blocked from trying to just do their jobs. Firewalls and intrusion prevention tooling sure haven't kept the enemy at bay. Antivirus and malware protection haven't kept up with a constantly evolving threat space (if they had, ransomware sure wouldn't be a problem). And even training and education can't keep the workforce from clicking on a puppy picture that inevitably introduces malware into a system. Nothing has truly changed the game. 

So what do we do? Take our toys and leave the sandbox? Do we just tuck our tail between our legs as we whimper away from the most important fight of our lives? Nope! We stop wasting our efforts where we can’t win, and we remove the very thing the hackers of the world are after.

We kill the data. 

Well, not kill it really – but that’s a pretty interesting way of saying we remove the data from being of any value to the enemy. If we can use technology to eradicate the value of the data to our adversaries, then there’s no reason to even worry about them knocking on our doors, or even infiltrating our networks. If done correctly there is nothing of value to pilfer – and why would anyone break into a bank with no money stored there? 

By eliminating the value that can be gained by exploiting a network and stealing the data, we eliminate the principal reason for a hack in the first place. This is what Nullafi does. Our solution takes your data and renders it useless to an attacker (but totally usable to your organization). Our technology uses a combination of machine learning, encryption, natural language processing, and adaptive data security tooling to discover your valuable data, tag it, anonymize it, and mask it. That data then has no value to anyone but those that are supposed to have access to it.

It’s that simple – you turn Nullafi on and you remove the threat that the data itself presents. 

So we as an industry have a choice: we can continue to claw at a solution, and continually bolt on new metal to our Frankenstein security monsters trying to get ahead of the bad guys. Or, we can simply eliminate the reason for a hack in the first place.


Kill the data, change the game.



What Forbes Thinks of Nullafi:

"One of the most interesting startups at RSA was Nullafi, who specializes in a novel API-based data security technology that combines data aliasing, vaulting, encryption, and monitoring to create an advanced data protection platform that makes hacked data useless to hackers. What makes Nullafi noteworthy is how they’ve been able to build a data architecture that protects legacy and new infrastructures while making the original data impossible for a hacker to reverse engineer and gain access to."

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