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7 Tips for Finding the Best Password Manager by this Afternoon

by Joinesty, on Jul 17, 2017 1:44:00 PM


What’s the one password manager to rule them all? Follow our cheatsheet to quickly see which password managers ace the test. Have you ever had one of your online accounts hacked?

According to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, 63% of confirmed data breaches take advantage of a weak, default, or stolen password.

And four out of five victims don’t realize their accounts have been compromised until a week or later after it occurred. Yikes! 

Using a password manager will protect your usernames, email addresses, passwords, and more from hackers and nefarious individuals online.

Yet with so many password managers to choose from, you may not know how to separate the cream of the crop from all the wannabes.

Don’t let decision paralysis keep you from finally securing your digital life and taking back control.

Look for these 7 signs you’ve come across the best password manager and protect all your online accounts by sundown.

What to Look for in a Password Manager

Whether you’re researching password managers for the first time, or looking for advice to decide between a few options you’re considering, check out these tips for finding the best one:

1. You Can Store Your Login Credentials and Autofill them Fast

You may not even realize this, but you’re using a crummy version of a password manager if you save your passwords and login details on your browser.

While this is majorly convenient, it’s the very opposite of safe.

See, browsers like Firefox and Safari may save your login information, but they don’t store that information securely.

A password manager will remember your passwords and logins, secure and encrypt that information, and then autofill your answers when you need them.

You should be able to save anything with a username and password to your password manager, such as your logins for:

  • Banks, credit cards, financial accounts, etc.
  • Retail and travel sites
  • Utility and cable companies
  • Social media and email
  • … and anything else you can think of!

With auto-login, you never have to rack your brain thinking of the right combination of letters, numbers, and symbols you used when you first signed up for that account. That’s a major time-saver.

The Joinesty browser extension for Chrome automatically logs you in when you land on sites you have an account with.

You’ll see a banner asking if you’d like Joinesty to store your credentials for that site. Hit Save and you’ll never have to log in manually again.

This also cuts down on how many passwords you have to remember, which is one of the biggest reasons everyone needs a password manager yesterday. 

Then again, our next reason is a super close second.

2. Bank-Level Security and High-Level Encryption for Your Data

Sure, a password manager sounds like autofill and you’re already using that just fine.

But as we hinted, your browser’s autofill capabilities are weak sauce when it comes to the security a solid password manager can deliver.

A password manager should encrypt your login credentials all the time.

Joinesty uses AES-256 encryption, which is among the highest levels of encryption available in the world. Your data is encrypted in both resting and transmission state, meaning that your data is completely secured no matter what.

Using encryption designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and practiced by most banks around the globe, we transfer data securely to and from your devices and our servers.

Our structure is so secured, we’re Payment Card Industry, or PCI compliant. That’s the security standard for financial transactions at banks.

Unlike most websites who claim to have “bank-level security”, we’ve literally had our security tested by IT security teams used by banks. In multi-week long penetration tests, we passed every one with flying colors.

You can read more about our security at Joinesty and trust us when we say your information isn’t going anywhere you don’t want it to.

So make sure your password manager knows when you’re accessing your accounts and not some random friend your roommate has over.

Look for security perks on top of high-level encryption, such as:

  • 5 Failed-login attempt blockers to prevent “brute force” hack attacks.

After 5 failed login attempts, your password manager should block access to the account for 10 minutes, eliminating brute force hack attacks, or the most popular hacks.

It would literally take trillions of years for a hacker to access your account this way.

  • Separate PIN protection for your passwords, just like your bank requires, to see personal information (like your usernames/passwords). You’ll have to input a secure pin you create and hopefully only you know.
  • Multifactor authentication, so if there’s an attempted login from an unrecognized IP address, you’ll receive a text verification to your phone on file to make sure it’s really you.
  • Cloud-based storage so your computer isn’t vulnerable if hackers want inside your accounts when your computer’s hanging around or stolen.

Joinsty is even compliant with the European Safe Harbor Act. We’ve set up dedicated servers in Frankfurt specifically to store European data and ensure user data privacy.

But what about a password manager that helps you discover online accounts you may have completely forgotten about being open?

3. An Account Finder to Track Down All Your Digital Breadcrumbs

The numero uno goal of a password manager is saving your credentials and automatically logging you into your accounts securely.

But most people are shocked by how many accounts they actually have open in the vast online wilderness.

With the Joinesty account auto-finder, we’ll automatically identify online businesses that have your email address (which means you most likely have an account) via a token system.

We’ll can scan for senders we recognize (like @netflix.com, @amazon.com, @dropbox.com, etc.), and then instantly add them to your Joinesty dashboard for review.

Then you can decide which ones you still want to keep active and then upgrade them with stronger passwords.

Your password manager should also offer a way to share those passwords with your besties too (you know you’re going to anyway).

4. The Ability to Share and Revoke Your Passwords

Want to Netflix and chill with your boo even though you’re miles away on a business trip?

Find a password manager that lets you securely share your login credentials with those closest to you and you’ll never send your passwords via email, text message, or carrier pigeon again. You know those aren’t safe.

Share your logins right from the Joinesty browser extension. As soon as your amigo downloads the Joinesty browser extension, they’ll be good to go too.

Not to be a downer, but you should also be able to revoke credentials too.

When you login to Joinesty, just hit the “revoke” button next to that person’s name. Once you click it, your username and password will disappear from their Joinesty account.

Even better: That person doesn’t receive a notification that you revoked their access. #PasswordGhosting.

5. Unique Email Creation So Your Email Address is Never Shared Online

Not to humble brag, but we’re the only secure password manager that protects you through secure email creation.

With Joinesty secure email protection, you’ll never have to give out your personal email online ever again.

Thanks to the Joinesty browser extension’s patent-pending technology, we’ll create a unique email for each and every site you join.

We’ll either automatically input that email address into the site’s sign-up fields, or for sites not yet supported, we’ll provide a unique email address for you to copy and paste into those fields instead.

Then we’ll forward any emails you receive directly to your inbox so there’s zero FOMO from not using your real email addy.

Everything works exactly the same, only so much safer.

The next time you hear about a data breach, you don’t have to panic. Your passwords and email address will be totally off-limits from the bad guys.

You can always opt out of email creation and use your own personal or work emails instead. But seriously, why take the chance?

6. An Automatic Deal and Promo Code Finder

While not technically a requirement of the best password manager, wouldn’t it be nice if someone rewarded you for taking your password security seriously?

Here at Joinesty, we wanted to give something back to smart, savvy digital users who care about protecting their login credentials.

So we offer our members an automatic deal and promo code finder.

See deals available at thousands of merchants on your dashboard, with click-through links to easily use them during checkout. Search for popular memberships, memberships that have deals available, or those specifically in your area.

The deals are the same you’d find on other promo code sites, but you don’t have to waste your time hunting them down.

All you have to do is click on the link, follow the prompts on the popup, and boom — you’re saving money.

Now don’t you feel like all password managers should be this connected to savings?

7. Is Your Password Manager Also Socially Connected?

When you try Joinesty, you’ll be able to connect with other people you know already using (and loving!) their password manager.

We call these cool kids Joiners.

Connect with a joiner and see what services they use, ask about their experiences with specific online businesses, and even share referral codes for recommending new services to each other.

You also have the option of rating and reviewing your online memberships to help out your fellow joiners.

So Have You Discovered the Clear Winner in Password Managers Yet?

In the age of internet insecurity, Joinesty is the first step in taking back control of your online life.

Every feature we release, patent we file, and teammate we hire is reshaping the internet to be a more secure, private, organized, and just generally better place.

Through a never-before-seen combination of artificial intelligence, browser extensions, Joinesty provides a safer, more convenient way to live online.

You’ll not only have instant, secure access to the sites you frequent most — and unique email creation to protect your personal email accounts — you’ll also get a notification about the current deals they’re offering to save yourself some cash.

We want you to be part of our story toward a better internet. So click here to start your free trial today!

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